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High-quality insulated security doors, steel security storm doors with screen
This video provides a quick glimpse into the manufacturing process that goes into every Secure-All steel security door and security storm door. After the basic framework is built, Secure-All doors are transferred to a facility where each door is dipped fourteen times to provide a rust-proof foundation. From there, the doors are powder coated and brought back for hardware assembly and glass installation. Over the past 38 years in business, we have seen numerous homes where burglars were able to easily penetrate locked steel security doors manufactured by our competitors. In the fall of 2009, Secure-All Security Doors hired an independent testing facility to determine where the weaknesses are in upper-end steel security storm doors. It was determined that a combination of the lock guard, the brass lock throw plate, and the thin steel or aluminum jambs being used everywhere were three substantial weaknesses on virtually all security doors. In this video, we taped an unrehearsed, unscripted, one-shot attempt at penetrating a high-quality security storm door that was installed on our showroom. The door is equipped with an all-steel jamb and a high-security mortise deadbolt lock. The penetration of the locked door took just over 3 minutes to achieve! Even we were amazed with how easy it was for an average person, with tools anyone can get, to break in. This is why only Secure-All's Heritage LifeStyle™ steel security storm doors feature the Ultra Stainless Steel Lock Guard™ (Patents Pending), Steel Reinforced Lock Throws, and a 300% thicker solid steel strike plate and one-piece jamb to prevent this from ever happening. Visit to see more of our proven new features which are defining the future of security storm doors.

Here is a brief (and unrehearsed) overview of the new 2011 Heritage LifeStyle Series steel security storm doors by Secure-All Company. More information can be found at or

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